John Mayer

The Thoughtful Entrance Into Cannabis Life

Precisely 420 Words on John Mayer Not Being a Dick Now

In a new Billboard feature, the guitarist talks blowing up a Winnebago on his 40th birthday, making Sunday morning omelette music, and Mason Ramsey, whom he's been thinking about a lot. Wonderful.
Alex Robert Ross
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Watch Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Join Dead & Company in Wisconsin

Does this mean Justin Vernon is officially a member of Dead & Company’s ‘squad’?
Shaad D’Souza

How John Mayer Helped Me Become a Better Therapist

Using song lyrics is a form of expressive arts therapy, which can help people tap into their emotions and invoke personal change.
Juli Fraga
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John Mayer's "New Light" Video Is a Self-Conscious Shitpost and I Love It

"I went to a place downtown and made this with a company that usually does birthday and bar mitzvah videos," said Mayer on Twitter.
Phil Witmer
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Yes, John Mayer's Latest Single "New Light" Slaps

"Take a ride up to Malibu / I just want to sit and look at you, look at you," Mayer sings, setting sail for summer, making hot moms swoon.
Alex Robert Ross
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The Grateful Dead's Grateful Dads

Outside the Dead and Company's two-night run at NYC's Madison Square Garden, we interviewed the ultimate Deadheads: Dads.
Daniel Shapiro
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Ty Dolla $ign Loves Every Album John Mayer Ever Put Out

The LA rapper confessed his fandom in a recent interview.
Noisey Staff
The Thoughtful Entrance Into Cannabis Life

Precisely 420 Words on John Mayer’s New Video and His Thoughtful Entrance into Cannabis Life

Alex Robert Ross
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John Mayer Can Play EDM Using Only His Guitar Strings

It's actually not that bad.
Britt Julious
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John Mayer and D'Angelo Backed by The Roots Is the Dream Performance You Didn't Know You Needed

The Roots Picnic came to New York for the first time and left the city shaking.
Olivia Becker
2005 week

Lights Will Guide Us Home: A Tribute to the Gloriously Corny Songs of 2005

From The Fray to John Mayer to James Blunt to Coldplay, these were the songs that rocked you to tears.
VICE Staff

How Guys Should Greet Each Other in 2014

A handy guide, full of gifs.
Twan Stoffels