Kate Bush


You Tell Me Wrote a Lively Song About an Ordinary “Water Cooler” Romance

The duo talk about their serendipitous meeting at a Kate Bush concert and the tired joke of explaining their band name to people.
Sarah MacDonald
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Christine and the Queens' Mashup of Rihanna and Kate Bush is Breathtaking

Bush's 1978 classic "Wuthering Heights" met Riri's modern classic "Kiss It Better" in the BBC Live Lounge.
Shaad D’Souza
Pity Party

Kate Bush's "Cloudbusting" Is the Song of Every Summer

Full of possibility, the second single from Bush's 1985 album 'Hounds of Love' is a universal anthem for the summer months.
Lauren O'Neill
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The Guide to Getting Into Kate Bush

From the mother, to the daughter, to "Wuthering Heights" – here are the essential stages of Kate Bush's career.
Emma Madden
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Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, and LL Cool J Among Rock Hall Nominees

Kate Bush, MC5, and Bon Jovi are also nominated for the class of 2018. And, as ever, there's a lot of weird snubs.
Alex Robert Ross
Festivals 2017

What Would It Mean If Kate Bush Had Been Asked to Play Coachella?

A 'New Yorker' piece on the festival's CEO mentions how her name was floated, then set aside.
Lauren O'Neill

Some of the Most Terrible People from the Internet in 2016

Between the Alt-Right Sis and the vlogger's boyfriend, it's been a particularly dire year online.
Bertie Brandes
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The New Kate Bush Video for "And Dream of Sheep" is a Flotation Tank of Feelings

We’ve been graced with a visual for the live version, accompanying 'Before the Dawn'.
Lauren O'Neill
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Everything We Learned (So Far) About Kate Bush’s First Interview in Years

BBC 6 Music have released a snippet of the interview which will air in full on 20 November.
Daisy Jones

"Why Should I Love You": When Prince Met Kate Bush

The sound of two geniuses staring at each other from opposite ends of the universe.
Daisy Jones

For International Women's Day, GIF Artists Animate Their Creative Heroines

From Frida Kahlo to Miranda July, these GIF artists have great tastes in role models.
The Creators Project

From Broken Roofs to Broken Marriages: Meeting the UK’s Most Obsessive Vinyl Hoarders

Welcome to a world where people make huge sacrifices just to feed their engrossing love for music.
Oobah Butler