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A Brief History of the Gender Recognition Act

And why it needs updating so that Britain can lead the way in transgender equality.
Shon Faye
15 hours ago
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I Rewatched 'King Cobra,' James Franco's Terrible Gay Bait Murder Movie

It's the least gay gay movie I've ever seen.
John Sherman
5 days ago
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What It’s Like to Be Trans in the Restaurant Industry

With threats of customer harassment and misogynist kitchen culture, hospitality can be tough on its trans and non-binary employees.
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Support Trans Equality with Free Beer and BBZ London

Come take part in the public consultation on reforming the UK's current Gender Recognition Act, by joining us in south London this Thursday.
VICE Staff
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100 Easy Ways to Make the World Better for Trans People

Trans women are women. This is not up for debate – so don’t try to.
Kai Isaiah-Jamal

I Spent a Weird (and Homophobic) Day Trying to Follow God's Will

Inspired by the show 'God Friended Me', I tried to change my life by following the instructions of the big man upstairs.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

No, a 'Sesame Street' Writer Did Not Say Bert and Ernie Were Gay

But he did force the show to assert yet again that the cohabitating puppets "do not have a sexual orientation."
Harry Cheadle

'Colette' Shows How Men Have Been Taking Credit for Women's Work for Centuries

France's most prolific queer, feminist author had her byline stolen from her for years. 'Colette' tells the story of her fight to get it back.
Nicole Clark

These Sex Workers Are the First Queer Married Couple at a Legal Brothel

High school sweethearts Violet Vause and Kayden Blake came out to debunk myths about LGBTQ+ sex workers.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

How Crowdfunding Became a Lifeline for the Trans Community

Long waiting lists, exorbitant costs and surgeries unavailable on the NHS have shown the financial importance of platforms like GoFundMe.
Jake Hall

We Asked Members of India's Third Gender What Freedom Means to Them

This Independence day, we spoke to kinnars about the nature of freedom.
Maroosha Muzaffar
All images by Viraj Nayar

Don't Get the Outrage Over Jack Whitehall 'Playing Gay'? Listen to These Queer Actors

If Disney are going to make a big deal about creating a gay character, they should probably make a big deal about casting a gay actor.
Michael Segalov