I Went to the 'First Nudist Club Night' in Paris

I highly recommend getting naked in a nightclub – as long as everyone else is, too.
Quentin Monville

River Deep, Mountain High: Photos of Nudists Trekking in the Alps

Roshan Adhihetty went on 30 mountain walks with a group of naked hikers.
Kamil Biedermann

Meet the Woman Fighting to Normalise Toplessness

"I don't have slogans painted on my body. I don't carry signs. There are times for that, but to normalise bare-chestedness, you have to do normal things."
Nick Keppler
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Lykke Li Started a Supergroup and Their First Video is Full of Nudists

Swedish pop fans unite! This supergroup contains Lykke Li plus members of Miike Snow and Peter Bjorn and John.
Noisey Staff

We Went to a 10-Day Sex Party in Berlin

For some reason, a lot of the men's bodies at the Art of Love festival had been painted blue, with a red penis.
Sofia Faltenbacher

I Went Skinny Dipping Through London to See if the UK Is Ready for Naturism

The British Naturism society want September to become "Septembare", and for Brits to strip off in their droves. But is the country ready for a nudist revolution?
Charlie Gilmour, Photos: Sarah M Lee

I Left My Taxidermy Workshop to Become a Nudist at 74

"Life's too short and some days are cloudy. We have to enjoy the sunshine. Maybe this little fly will die in the next minute but as long as it's flying, it seizes the day."
Alba Carreres

Meet the Woman Fighting for the Right to Go Topless in LA

Melissa Diner thinks that the law banning the areolas of "female persons" could use some tweaking.
Allegra Ringo
Girl Writer

I Went to a Nude Comedy Show and Learned to Accept My Body

You know how people say you can calm your nerves by imagining everyone in the audience naked? That's exactly what this was like.
Alison Stevenson
The Hate Issue

Vice Fashion - The Terra Cotta Inn

Hanging loose with the folks at the Terra Cotta Inn.
Danielle Levitt