Projection Mapping


A Virtual Rainstorm Fills the Houston Cistern

Multidirectional flashes of light flicker and dance across hundreds of columns inside the dark architectural void of the Houston Cistern at Buffalo Bayou Park.


Pure Joy Looks Like This Kaleidoscopic Light Installation

Joanie LeMercier and Le Comte's new installation will give you butterflies in your stomach.


Watch This Hypnotic Projection on a Laser Cut Piece of Wood

Check out Kit Webster's hypnotic, projection-mapped kaleidoscopic wall sculptures.


Street Artist Projects Light Graffiti on the Amazon Rainforest

Photographer and street artist Philippe Echaroux creates the “world’s first street art” in the Amazon with the Surui tribe.


Meet the Arts Collective Pioneering Hyper-Local, High-Tech Activism

Complex Movements channels quantum physics and philosophy into performance art.


Digital Artists to Take Over a 12,000 sq. ft. Warehouse in Chicago

VR and projection mapping collide in the Windy City for Sub Chroma 2016.


Tiny Animated Characters Take Over a Projection-Mapped Gallery

A war between a graffito and a Central American spider monkey plays out on the walls of a gallery.


Projection-Mapped PDA Puts Kissing Couples on Display in Paris

Julien NONNON puts the intimate interactions of Parisians on display.


Infinitely Varied Projections Descend Upon the Rose Art Museum

No two experiences are the same in Sarah Sze’s 'Timekeeper' installation at Brandeis.


A 3D-Printed Bust Comes Alive in Dan Sultan's New Music Video

Dropbear's music video for Dan Sultan’s "Magnetic" combines 3D printing and stop-motion animation with projection mapping.


Play in the Aurora Borealis at a Room-Sized Interactive Installation

teamLab's stunning new immersive installation is blinding us with science.


Lucid Dream IRL at the World’s First Vaporwave Mall

Miami's III Points Music, Art & Technology Festival debuts 'Sunsets@Noon,' a 6,000-square-foot shopping mall.