protest art


Cardboard IKEA House and Rocking Horse Cutouts Tackle Social Inequity

Sura Haarp takes a stand against socio-political inequalities with cardboard installations.


Mirrored #NoDAPL Protest Signs Protect Protestors from Anti-Police

New York designer Nikolas Bentel has created mirrored signs to distract police and aide the anti-DAPL protestors.


Meet the Guerrilla Gorillas Making Patriarchy Art History

Art activist group Guerrilla Girls digs into art diversity in Europe, in a new exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery.


Donald Trump’s Unwashed Fork to be Used in a Protest Against Xenophobia

This is what happens when Australian artist Van T. Rudd gets his hands on a dinner fork used by Donald Trump.


Art Mimics Life in a Dying Coral Reef Installation

An ocean advocate and artist Courtney Mattison depicts the end of the coral reef.


A Harrowing Installation Pays Tribute to the Lives Lost in Orlando

West Hollywood artist ChadMichael Morrisette skipped Pride to create a haunting tribute to the victims.


Steal This Fork: An Artist Spent 15 Years Stealing Silverware Used by the 1%

Hillary Clinton and Prince Harry are but a few nobles whose spit and food crumbs show up in Van T. Rudd’s readymades.


A Live Sculpt-In Protests the V&A’s "No Sketching" Restriction

Clay-equipped protesters take action against the Botticelli exhibit's strict policy.


How Artists Are Fighting Air Pollution in Beijing

Eradicating China’s air pollution, one art project at a time.


The Silent Protest of Post-Soviet Graffiti

Alexis Lerner's 'Post-Soviet Graffiti' site is like the "Meanwhile, in Russia..." for activist street art.


This Kit Gives Protesters Weapons for Anonymity & Encryption

New York-based designers Xuedi Chen and Pedro Oliveira have created a kit of wearables for civil unrest.


In South Korea, Fingerprints Are Symbols of Protest

Though accelerated urban development has forced many out, artist Jazoo Yang has made her mark on their former homes.