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How Can You Treat Someone Who Doesn't Think They're Mentally Ill?

Laws are being passed that make it possible to compel people to receive treatment for health problems they don’t believe they have.
Carrie Arnold
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The People with Schizophrenia Embracing the Voices They Hear

A growing movement of people with schizophrenia argue that hearing voices shouldn't necessarily be treated clinically—but leading psychologists and doctors disagree.
Laetitia Laubscher
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No, Your Cat Is Not Making You Crazy

A new study found that a common parasite often spread by cats is not to blame for the development of mental health issues.
Anna Langston
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What It’s Like to Hear Voices in Your Head Every Day

Rai hears roughly 13 different voices, but she doesn't let them get in the way of her life.
Louise Donovan
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What It’s Like to Be Forced to Take Anti-Psychotic Drugs

After involuntary mental health treatment many patients feel afraid to seek more help. A constitutional challenge could change the way patients consent to treatment in British Columbia.
Sarah Berman

Producing Dance Music Helped Me Cope With Schizophrenia and Saved My Life

My schizophrenia is a minefield, but writing music transcends it.
Kofi Edzie

The New Anti-Vaping Rules Are Making My Life with Schizophrenia Harder

For schizophrenic people struggling to get through daily life, nicotine can work in surprising ways.
Allie Burke

Some Indonesians Are Shackling and Imprisoning the Mentally Ill in Sheds

Because mental illness is often thought to be a result of spirit possession in Indonesia, an estimated 18,000 individuals are detained in sheds and backyards for years by their own families.
Stanley Widianto

A Painter Finds Visionary Art in Schizophrenia | City of the Seekers

From mental institutions to the Mojave Desert, Linda Sibio’s madness is her sanity, too.
Tanja M. Laden
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The Strange Case of the Oklahoma Woman Who Dismembered a Corpse at a Funeral

This spring, Shaynna Sims was arrested for "unauthorised dissection" and later charged with stealing the dead woman's shoes.
Simon Davis

Could We Use Films to Teach the Ignorant About Mental Health?

We talked to some leading psychologists who think that film has the potential to increase society's understanding of mental health problems like schizophrenia, depression and anxiety.
Huw Oliver
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When Are We Going to Stop Marginalising Black and Minority Ethnic Mental Health Patients?

The government has all but abandoned the vital issue of race in mental health treatment – a frightening reality when you consider that the number of people from BME groups being admitted for crisis care vastly outweigh any other.
Joanna Fuertes Knight