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How to Have Sex With a Fat Girl

Touch – and I cannot stress this enough – the FUPA.
Gina Tonic
4 days ago
Are You Getting Any?

Are You Getting Any? I Keep a Spreadsheet of Everyone I’ve Ever Slept With

Data analyst Violet records how many times she has sex with a partner, their location and occupation.
Nana Baah
5 days ago
sex and relationships

The Most Extreme Ways People Have Reacted to Being Ghosted

“I made a banner that said 'PLEASE TALK TO ME' because I knew he'd see it.”
Daisy Jones
5 days ago
sex and relationships

People Are Having More Sex in Gyms Than You'd Think

After a Virgin Active health club emailed its members saying it would be sending in undercover police to check for "inappropriate behaviour", we spoke to some men about cruising in health clubs.
Nick Levine

This Gynaecology Fetish Will Make You Squirm

If you've ever thought a smear test was sexy, boy do we have the kink for you.
Abigail Moss
sex and relationships

The Ins and Outs of Topping as a Trans Girl

I'm not into topping – but plenty of other trans women are. I asked some (and a few straight guys who bottom) what it's like for them.
Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard

Everyone Back Off and Let Flume Eat Some Burning Man Ass

What happens between one person's mouth and another person's butthole and a crowd of Burning Man attendees is their business.
Alex Zaragoza

Here's How Much Pornhub Knows About You

Advertisers can target your location, language, sexual preferences and the specific browser you're using.
Sebastian Meineck

The Story of the Couple Who Shagged in an MRI Machine for Science

In 1991 scientists created an internal image of the human body during sex. The image is pretty wild.
Julian Morgans

The Fleshlight Is a Portal to the Future of Sex

The ubiquitous masturbation device marketed to men was ahead of its time – and became the bellwether for a more fluid, inclusive future.
Samantha Cole
Are You Getting Any?

Are You Getting Any? How Being Agender Affects My Sex Life

Ryan is attracted to men, women and "also everyone in between."
Nana Baah

A Night with the Couple Who've Been Having Sex on Stage for the Past 16 Years

They perform multiple times a night on a spinning stage in front of hecklers, Lads on Tour and kissing tourists.
Djanlissa Pringels