Social Media


The Rise of Wholesome Social Media

Growing numbers are ditching mainstream social media for platforms like Goodreads and Strava, connecting over book recommendations and fitness achievements.


Feral Hogs Are Tearing Up Texas. So People Are Shooting Them from Helicopters.

Did someone say 30 to 50 feral hogs? More like 6 to 9 million.


A Big Fuck You to the Instagram 'Following' Tab

The platform is saying goodbye to the feature that allows you to see what other users are doing. Good riddance.


What We Learned from the UK's Biggest Poll About Lip Fillers

An alarming number of young people surveyed by our Snapchat survey told us they viewed non-surgical cosmetic procedures as akin to getting a haircut or a manicure.


A Senior Twitter Exec Has Been Moonlighting in the British Army’s Information Warfare Unit

The bombshell revelation was right there on his LinkedIn page.


I Tried to Get Famous on the ‘New Tumblr’

New Life.AI positions itself as an alternative to Instagram – a social media site without likes or followers, where creative content is rewarded.


Watch Out for These Instagram Pyramid Schemes After Your Cash

Loom circles and fractal mandalas are just different names for a scam that's rinsing millennials of their money.


The Carousel Reveal Is the New Way to Make a Relationship Instagram Official

The least intense way to let your Instagram followers know you've found love is also the best way.


Exclusive: It's Scarily Easy to Buy Lip Fillers on Facebook Marketplace

Sellers on the platform were even willing to offer four times the recommended dose of fillers – an amount that could lead to medical complications.


What Your Twitter Persona Says About You

From "views my own" to reply guys.


Create Self-Destructing Websites With This Simple Tool

What if you could create your own easily destructible website by just visiting a URL?