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Louisiana Mayor Who Banned Nike: JK, LOL

It only took Kenner mayor Ben Zahn a week to rescind his memo after facing protests from locals and pressure from the ACLU.
Drew Schwartz

Serena Williams Can't Force the Racism Out of Tennis

Saturday's US Open upset is a reminder that the sport is still not welcoming to women of color.
Jagger Blaec
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This Mayor Just Banned His City's Rec Centers from Buying Nike Products

In an apparent response to the new Colin Kaepernick ad.
Drew Schwartz
10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Kung-Fu Master

"Monks train really hard, so they're able to tow a car with their penis."
Daniel Darmawan

Inside the 'Church' Devoted to Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona is one of the best football players of all time. And for many fans, he’s a god.
VICE Staff
Phys Ed

This Is the Effect Working Out Has on Your Bones

How active you are as a kid affects your bones forever.
Matt Jancer

Mia Khalifa Only Did Porn Three Months But She's Still a Pornhub Sensation

Mia Khalifa left the industry in a flash three years ago, but remains one of the most searched actresses on adult sites. Why?
Mark Hay
Very Nice

Happy Anniversary to the Time a Sports Ceremony Played the Borat Song by Accident

Great success!
Emma Garland

The Extreme Sport Behind the Fight Scenes in 'Black Panther'

Nope, it's not CGI.
Jeremy Price
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US Olympian Overslept, Still Won Gold Medal, Yelled 'Fuck' On Live TV

The 17-year-old is the youngest American man in 90 years to win an Olympic gold.
River Donaghey

Partying With Sumo Wrestlers Almost Killed Me

Now I’ve done a lot of stupid shit in my life. But squaring off with world champion Sumo wrestlers in the parking lot of a Russian hotel is among the stupidest.
Robin Black

I Spent 80 Days Trying to Get Abs and It Ruined My Life

I lost 30 pounds and a quarter of my body fat and all it cost was my social life, my relationship and any joy I had.
Graham Isador