The US Election Isn't 'Rigged,' but It's Going to Be Messy as Hell

"If you look at other democracies, they think the way we run elections is crazy, with a partisan secretary of state."


How a Group of Female Inmates Fought for, and Won, the Right to Live with Their Children

When the state of California announced that it was closing the only facility where prisoners could be with their kids, it was the women themselves who kept it open.


Why Juneteenth Needs to be a National Holiday in America

June 19, 1865, marks the day when news of emancipation and the Civil War's end finally reached the last group of slaves in America. It should be treated with the same respect we give Independence Day.


For Now, the US Supreme Court Has Little to Say About the Issue of Online Harassment

The justices ruled today that Anthony Elonis shouldn't have been convicted for threatening his ex-wife on Facebook, but dodged larger questions about free speech online.


Photos of the People in the Path of the Keystone XL Pipeline

Some view it as their savior, others as a project that will hasten their demise.


Hostgator Dotcom, the Man Covered in Porn URLs, Is Getting His Face Back

Our recent profile of him led to the man formerly known as Billy Gibby getting $3,200 in donations, which he's using to remove his facial tattoos.


Why Aren't Harvard Kids Having Sex?

A survey showed that a whopping 24 percent of Harvard seniors didn't have sex in school, and not many even watch porn regularly. Why the low libidos, guys?


LA Decided to Raise Its Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour

The city council of the second largest city in American just passed a major minimum wage hike by a vote of 14-1.


Coal Ash May Be Making Pennsylvania Inmates Sick, and Now They're Fighting to Shut Their Prison Down

People incarcerated near a coal-ash dump in Pennsylvania are getting sick at an alarming rate, and now they're organising to shut down their prison


The Controversial Performance Art Class Where the Students and Professor Get Naked

Ricardo Dominguez's class is all about pushing boundaries – but one student's mother would rather those boundaries stay right where they are.


Abuse Against Mentally Ill Prisoners Is 'Widespread' Across US, According to Human Rights Watch Report

According to the study, corrections officials in the United States use violence to punish prisoners for exhibiting behaviours of their mental illness, which violates the Constitution and international human rights laws.