Suicide is on the rise, especially among young people. Tonic dug deeper than the statistics to find out why.

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Students Hanged Dummies Off Westminster Bridge to Highlight the UK's Ongoing Mental Health Crisis

All 20 of the students involved had either attempted or considered suicide before the age of 18.
Ben Charlie Smoke
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A Priceless Gift: Remember the Samaritans This Holiday Season

The charity is 65 years old and, in an era of mental health crisis, more crucial than ever.
David Hillier
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Cops Uncover Disturbing Story Behind Woman's Bizarre Doorbell Video

The mysterious video captured the woman in what appears to be wrist restraints ringing doorbells in her neighborhood in the middle of the night.
Drew Schwartz

Everything We Know About Richard Russell, the Man Who Stole and Crashed a Plane

The 29-year-old rambled about "sweet nothings" and doing "barrel rolls" to air traffic control before crashing the plane into an island in Washington.
Drew Schwartz
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The Inmate I Took Under My Wing Didn't Survive Prison

I failed to realise that staying out of trouble is as much about mental health as it is about physical safety.
Kimberly Davoren as told to Mustafa Z. Mirza
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PTSD, Suicide and Despair: The Silent Perils of Being a Firefighter

The most dangerous part of the job can come when firefighters are off the clock.
Cole Kazdin

All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Apparently you shouldn't get a tattoo if you have a weakened immune system.
VICE Staff
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Some People Are Specifically Depressed by Summer

The combination of extra light, 80-degree weather and FOMO can do real damage.
Lindsey Smith

Depressed People Use These Words More Often

They're not always negative words.
Mohammed Al-Mosaiwi

A Grisly New Year's Killing Shows How Little We Know About Murder-Suicides

After a 26-year-old mother was stabbed to death and her husband found hanging from a tree, experts and advocates pointed to glaring cracks in the system.
Sonja Sharp
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How I Survived Suicide By Cop

New Zealand actor Rob Mokaraka has taken his darkest moment and turned it into a play to help others dealing with depression.
Rob Mokaraka

Do Streaming Services Need Better Trigger Warnings?

After the recent episode of 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' had no content warning or offer of a helpline, how we frame triggering TV needs addressing.
Hannah Ewens