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Tulisa Is Finally Being Recognised as the Britney Hit-Writer She Is

Your girl co-wrote 2012's "Scream and Shout" with Will.iam but didn't have a credit on it even though you can hear her voice on the track??
Daisy Jones
Objectively Correct Lists

We Ranked 20 N-Dubz Songs So You Don’t Have To

Bangers from the great teachers of our times, ranked on a scale of "least wise" to "most wise". Or rather: “nah” to “na na naaaaaiii".
Daisy Jones and Emma Garland

The Big Tulisa Interview

She has spent nearly two decades refusing to pander to the classism and straight-up misogyny that has threatened to topple her career, instead emerging with her head held high.
Daisy Jones

The Trials and Tribulations of Tulisa, a Woman With Ideas Above Her Station

Tulisa became successful without completely shaking off her personality and roots, so the entertainment industry tore her apart.
Sam Wolfson

What We Learned About Drugs in 2014

Here's your scratch 'n' sniff guide to what really went down in the world of drugs this year.
Max Daly
Longreads Or Whatever

The Tulisa Sting Wasn't Just Classist, It Was Informed by a Racism That Associated Her With Criminality

Tulisa was punished for the company that she keeps.
Paris Lees

Tulisa’s Coke Trial Shows the Stupidity of Britain's Drug Laws

In the eyes of the law, a pill in your pocket is as bad as racially aggravated assault.
Paris Lees

Gaybashing Lyrics, Rape Arrests, Spitting At Girls: N-Dubz' Not That Secret Past

This cocaine indiscretion should barely register on the N-Dubz dick-ter scale.
sam wolfson

Tulisa Contostavlos and the Journalistic Coke Deal Shame

I’m still reeling from the shock. How could I not be? A young, rich, superstar that hangs out with rappers is the last person I’d expect to be racking up lines of “white sweets”.
Ryan Bassil