Watch a Waitress Take Down a Creep Who Groped Her

Justice was served.


10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Waitress

"A guest once poured champagne over her food and threw sushi around the restaurant. When I asked her what the problem was, she said, 'I've got so much money I could buy your life.'"


What It's Like to Eat Everything on the Wetherspoons Christmas Menu

All three starters, two mains, and two puddings.


Why I Only Sleep with Bartenders

"Every single person I’ve slept with for the last four years is a narcissist with a drinking problem."


It’s Time We Gave Waiters as Much Recognition as Chefs

“The front-of-house team aren’t cooking, but they do as much of the job as the chefs. I would go back to a restaurant if the food was average but the service was amazing."


Why Dressing Well Could Get You Better Service in Restaurants

A new study from hospitality researchers at the University of Missouri says that waitstaff give more attentive service to diners wearing nice clothes.


Restaurant Rejects Waitress Using a Laughing Emoji

Insert sad face emoji here.


Pizza Hut Waitress No Longer Homeless, Thanks to Amazing Customer

“That tip absolutely changed my life."


Women in the Restaurant Industry Are Still Being Paid Less Than Men

A recent study from UK hospitality recruitment agency The Change Group shows that while there are more women than men in wait staff positions, many earn up to 20 percent less.


How I Feel As a Bar Waitress When You Sexually Harass Me

The things that make me the most uncomfortable are the people who whisper in my ear or take me aside, or tell me to come to talk to them privately. I can’t imagine how terrifying it would be to have the things that happen to me as a waitress happen to...


A Waitress' Mum Outed This Restaurant for Re-Serving Other People's Food

A former employee has accused the restaurant of instructing its servers to move seemingly unchewed chips and salsa from one customer’s plate onto another’s.


Why Waiters Are Racing Through London's Soho with Trays of Prosecco

London’s Soho Waiters Race dates back to the 1950s and sees local waitstaff run through the streets holding a bottle of fizz balanced on a tray. “The waiters are part of the community,” explains race volunteer Tim Baros. “We want to build relationships...