Photo by Matt Zuras

These Holiday Sugar Cookies Will Taste Great No Matter What Shape You Make Them

Christmas cookies are more about looks than taste. But we’ll be damned if we sacrifice taste for aesthetic. In these dark days, we demand more. We demand both.

Dec 25 2017, 8:00pm

Photo by Matt Zuras

Photo by Matt Zuras

The holidays are upon us, which means 'tis the season of hot cocktails and binge eating until you pass out in a food-induced coma of both shame and delight. The best-worst part of the holiday binge is after you've already stuffed yourself on excessive amounts of perfectly delicious meat and carbs, eating three underwhelming cookies shaped like christmas trees and jingle bells—and then going back for a fourth and fifth.

'Tis also the season for cookie cutters and rolling pins. Traditional Christmas cookies are fun to make. And sure, they're more famous for their looks like than their taste (which is why we recommend you skirt tradition in favor of a BDSM sugar cookie man or a naughty Mrs. Claus). But we'll be damned if we sacrifice taste for aesthetic. In these particularly dark days, we demand more. We demand both.

That's why this holiday season you should make your dough and homemade frosting and with this recipe from Courtney McBroom from Large Marge—then you'll know your sugar cookies will taste as good as they look.

RECIPE: Classic Sugar Cookies

And feel free to get creative and let your freak flag fly (or, fine, just make Christmas-tree cookies if you must). But regardless of whether you prefer making your cookies in the shape of jingle bells or jingle balls, you'll be a lot less regretful about those post-food binge cookies if they actually taste good enough to warrant the extra calories.