Eric Thurm

'The New Pope' Accepts That the Pope Is Actually a Glorified Influencer

In HBO's 'The Young Pope' followup, holiness is just another form of influence. How can you not stan?
Eric Thurm

'Ms. Monopoly' Erases the Woman Who Invented Monopoly

A woman came up with the idea for 'Monopoly,' but a man took credit and profited from it.
Eric Thurm
The Borders Issue 2019

How the 'Suitable For All Ages' Standard Leads to Censorship Worldwide

In a world where many movies and TV shows are available on demand, studios and streaming services still go to great lengths to accommodate government censorship—and citizens will go further to sneak past them.
Eric Thurm

'Succession' Questions the Competence of Powerful White Men

In the season two premiere of the HBO show, we learn that patriarch Logan Roy might be just as clueless as everyone else.
Eric Thurm

When Seeing Isn't Believing

As long as we've had screens, magicians have used them to share their work, and audiences have questioned what they're seeing.
Eric Thurm

Dropping Gems: An Interview with the Composers of the Score for 'Steven Universe'

The popular cartoon's composers Aivi Tran and Steven “Surasshu” Velema discuss their process and influences.
Eric Thurm
The Noisey Guide to

Happy Crappy: The Step-by-Step Guide to Writing the Music on 'Bob's Burgers'

How does one of the funniest shows on TV come up with its musical numbers? Creator Loren Bouchard and writer Nora Smith walk us through the process for this week's "Happy Crappy."
Eric Thurm