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Ice Cream

Portland Is Now Making Ice Cream Out of Garbage

And it's utterly delicious, thanks to Salt & Straw's initiative to turn edible food waste into a limited-edition series of frozen treats.
Jack Rushall
Jewish cuisine

This Portland Bakery Is Making Matzah from the 16th Century

For Passover in PDX, we're gonna party like it's 1503.
Jack Rushall

The Life and Death of Portland’s Bike-Powered Coffee Roaster

Portland is known for bikes, coffee, and hipsters. If you put those three things together, you get a charm-oozing café fueled by a bicycle-powered, wood-fired coffee roaster.
Jack Rushall

Donald Trump’s BS Has Inspired a Food Truck

On Saturday, a Donald Trump-themed food truck rolled out in Portland, Oregon, offering an edible take on the Republican presidential nominee’s BS—in this case, baloney sandwiches.
Jack Rushall

Lattes and Leather Whips at Portland's New BDSM-Themed Coffee Shop

Although it might seem unusual to order a sex coach at a coffee shop, you’ll be in good hands at the Moonfyre Café, where Portland’s BDSM scene finally has a place to call home.
Jack Rushall

Inside Portland’s First Hipster-Themed Convenience Store

At Mini Mini, locals can have Crowlers filled with on-tap kombucha and craft beer, snag pints of Salt & Straw ice cream, and pick up a pack of American Spirits in cool, detached style.
Jack Rushall

This Guy Gets Paid to Sob at Crying Parties

Rakeem Edwards is one of the "live criers" at Portland's monthly Sad Day event.
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Craft Beer

How Portland’s Kilt-Wearing, Unicycle-Riding Darth Vader Impersonator Inspired His Own Beers

Brian Kidd—a.k.a. the Unipiper—has partnered with Portland's Rogue Ales and Green Dragon Brewing to bring create his very own limited-edition beer.
Jack Rushall
vegan cheese

How an Australian Changed America’s Artisan Vegan Cheese Game

“I thought I would never have good cheese again,” says Imber Lingard, who took matters into her own hands and began culturing ten of her own unique vegan cheeses—and most of her clientele isn't even vegan.
Jack Rushall

This Woman Saved Money By Eating Foods in Alphabetical Order

For one year of her life, Goody Cable ate according to the alphabet. There are 26 letters and about 52 weeks in the year, which offered each individual letter two weeks for independent exploration.
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