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We Spoke to a Monsanto Exec About Solving the World's Food Crisis

Best known for its genetically modified seeds, Monsanto is increasingly styling itself as an information technology company. And it may well hold the future of a hungry humanity in its hands.
Mark Allen

The Good/Bad Art Collective Airs a Snuff Infomercial on Broadcast TV

In the fall of 2013, Texas's Good/Bad Art Collective created a one-night event called CURTAINS in a make-shift television studio. This later culminated in a 28-minute infomercial, FOREVER, which sells the secret to immortality but ends...
Mark Allen

In 1979, the Flying Lizards Recorded a Top Ten Hit for $30

David Cunningham is known to many as the creator of the Flying Lizards, a band whose bizarre and wonderful cover of "Money (That's What I Want)" became a weirdly gigantic hit in 1979. Today, Cunningham continues his work as a musician, artist, and...
Mark Allen

The Many Faces of Foetus

J.G. Thirlwell, the man with a million names. Mostly Foetus.
Mark Allen
The Barking Dog Issue

That’s Not Funny, Or Is It?

In 1990, AIDS was still a misunderstood, scary scourge of gay communities everywhere, and contracting HIV was more or less a death sentence. It was also the year that Diseased Pariah News debuted. DPN was the first publication by and for...
Mark Allen
VICE Guide to the Apocalypse

Obliteration Cinema

Wastelands on celluloid.
Mark Allen
The History Issue

Yesterday's Tomorrow Is Today's Colossal Disappointment

For 100 years, movies have tried to show us what the future might hold. Now, in 2008 (which is officially "the future"), we can look back and say: They were almost entirely wrong. Nevertheless, here are their best efforts.
Mark Allen