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I Gave My Cat a Fitness Tracker and the Results Were Worrying

Data is the new oil and kitty FitBits are a thing.
Rosie Hewitson

The UK Charts Are a Mess Right Now

Busted? The Specials? 'The Greatest Showman'? What is going on?
Rosie Hewitson
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We Asked Hayley Kiyoko Fans About Their First Major Crushes

"She was just, like, so mysterious and arty, and she wanted to take my picture.”
Rosie Hewitson
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Janelle Monáe Fans, What's the Dirtiest Thing on Your Computers?

“I think my dying words would be ‘please, delete my history. It’s for the best.’”
Rosie Hewitson
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We Asked Britney Fans About the Most Toxic Thing They’ve Ever Done

"There was a poo on the middle of my floor, and I knew it was me but I blamed it on my mum.”
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The Smyths Are Here for All Your Non-Morrissey Smiths Needs

After The Smiths' failed reunion this year, I spoke to the people who'd paid £20 to see a tribute act play central London on a Saturday night.
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In The Queue

Male Justin Timberlake Fans, Are You Also Men of the Woods?

We asked a bunch of guys in the line for a Timberlake gig about the most manly things they've ever done.
Rosie Hewitson
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Uh, I Interrupted Every Couple in IKEA to Ask What “Their Song” Is

Every relationship is a weird, insular world with its private codes. I wanted to peer inside all of them.
Rosie Hewitson

The Soundtrack of the 'Fifty Shades' Trilogy Is a Horny Hit Factory

Success from artists like Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, or the Weeknd is proof that landing on the soundtracks of the three worst movies ever made is a foolproof way to guarantee a song will be a hit.
Rosie Hewitson

All the Weddings You're Going to Attend in Your 20s

The three-per-summer friends-of-friends parade starts here.
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The Holidays

All The Shit You're Going to Have to Do This December

Brace yourself.
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