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This Guy Is Selling Quebec Cream Soda to American Rappers for $200 a Box

With his company Rare Drank, this "soft drink dealer" sells high-priced Quebec cream soda to lean dealers and American rappers.
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Surprise Visits

Far-Right Extremists Stormed the VICE Office in Montréal

The Canadian anti-immigration group Atalante tried to intimidate our journalists.
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We Spoke to One of the Creators of 'Rocket League' About Its Surprise Success and What’s Next

We found out how Psyonix went from making a cult game with a ridiculous name to launching one of 2015's most popular titles.
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The Hunt for Shale Gas on Quebec's Deer-Infested Island, Anticosti

VICE traveled to some of the most isolated drilling sites in Quebec to spend time with locals and find out how promises of gas and glory are affecting the tiny, hunting-based community in Anticosti.
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montreal skating culture

Dan Mathieu on 20 Years of Skateboard Photography in Montreal

Montreal has one of the best skateboarding scenes in North America. Photographer Dan Mathieu has been there, snapping shots for the last 20 years.
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Here's How You Make $12,000 In Profit a Day Selling Virtual Guns

OPSkins is an online marketplace for Counter-Strike skins that, unlike Valve's own marketplace, let's sellers cash out the money they make.
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X Games

Q&A with Pierre-Luc Gagnon: Canada’s Unsung Skateboarding Hero

Pierre-Luc Gagnon overcame a serious hip injury to win his ninth gold medal at the X Games. But the skateboarder is upset about the lack of support he's received in Canada.
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