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2020 Candidates Want to Fund a Program Used to Surveil Muslims on Social Media

Democratic hopefuls claim the Countering Violent Extremism program can help stop white supremacist terror. But since 2014, it has been used to spy on innocent Muslims.


Congressional Retirement Tracker 2020: House Republicans Head for the Exits

It’s a particularly miserable time to be a House Republican.


Facebook and Twitter Aren’t Even Pretending to Take the FEC Seriously Anymore

Representatives for both companies all but ghosted an FEC-hosted discussion about what the platforms are doing to fight misinformation and foreign interference in 2020.


Cory Booker Isn’t Afraid to Talk About Racism and Reparations With White Voters

Cory Booker wants to be president, and he also wants to talk about reparations. VICE News asked him if thinks he’ll be able to do both.


Kirsten Gillibrand Thinks a Bus Tour Will Help Her Floundering Campaign

She’s near the bottom of the 2020 pack, so naturally she got a bus and hit the road


Why The Breakfast Club Is a Must for 2020 Dems

This is how The Breakfast Club handles its role in Democratic politics


“Hottie Avenatti” brings his show to the DNC summer meeting

Michael Avenatti — attorney, potential presidential candidate, and strong jawline haver — dropped in on the Democratic Party’s summer meeting as he continued teasing a 2020 run.