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The 6 Wildest Moments from Trump's ABC Interview

Coughing is bad, but election interference and being cozy with dictators are fine.
Tim Marcin

It Looks Like Trump Just Made Up a Poll Saying He's Insanely Popular

He claims that he is more popular among Republicans than Abraham Lincoln. What is he talking about?
Harry Cheadle
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Inside the Annual Gathering of Abe Lincoln Presenters

Ever year, dozens of men and women channeling Abe and Mary Lincoln descend onto Freeport, Illinois.
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Here's what happens when dozens of Abe Lincolns descend on a small town in Illinois

This town in Illinois hosts the largest gathering of Abraham Lincolns in the world
Alexandra Jaffe
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The Story Behind the Government's Weird Abe Lincoln Tide Pod Tweet

At least one government agency has good tweets.
Eve Peyser
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George Saunders explores the mind of Abraham Lincoln in his long-awaited first novel

George Saunders, one of America's most beloved short-story writers, recently published his first novel, "Lincoln in the Bardo." While previous works of Saunders have been met with sweeping acclaim, his novel may prove to be more divisive.
Olivia Awad

The Street Fighting Life of Abraham Lincoln

Before changing the course of American history and saying things like "Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves," Honest Abe was picking street fights and declaring “Any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns!”
Sarah Kurchak
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Every Celebrity You Love Is Narrating George Saunders's New Audiobook

The 166-person cast list for the upcoming 'Lincoln in the Bardo' audiobook is absurdly star-studded.
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Yosemite Valley's Breathtaking Views Fill a Yale Art Gallery

At 'Yosemite: Exploring the Incomparable Valley,' the storied natural oasis is transcendent in landscape paintings and Ansel Adams photos.
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Meet the Man with His Own Life-Size Oval Office Tonight on VICELAND

On an all new episode of 'VICE Does America' we travel to Longview, Texas to meet a guy with one of the largest collections of presidential memorabilia.
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Ultimate Necromancy Championship: Digging Up Corpses for Fights

With the abundance of silly, borderline dangerous fights this weekend we decided to take it one step further and bring fighters back from the dead.
Jack Slack

American Presidents, and the People Who Get Tattoos of Them | Monday Insta Illustrator

Who would get a tattoo of Ulysses S. Grant? Ask these people.
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