Facebook Charged for Discriminatory Housing Ads by Department of Housing and Urban Development

On Thursday, the Department of Housing and Urban Development charged Facebook with violating the Fair Housing Act.


Facebook vows to crack down on anti-vaxxer groups spreading misinformation to parents

The private Facebook group Stop Mandatory Vaccination, for example, has close to 160,000 members.


Don’t Boycott Razors Because of an Ad, Boycott Them For the Planet

Some people are mad that Gillette released an ad calling out toxic masculinity, but the bigger issue is the waste produced by disposable razors.


Why Your Ad Blocker Doesn’t Block Those ‘Please Turn Off Your Ad Blocker’ Popups

It is technically pretty simple to disable those pop ups, but many ad blocker plugins choose to let them live.


Here's How to Continue Martin Luther King's Legacy Better Than a Super Bowl Commercial

Using Dr. King’s inspiring words to sell trucks is pretty tasteless, but joining the renewed version of Dr. King’s own Poor People's Campaign is not.


New McDonald's Ad Compares Its Workers to Soldiers

In the U.S., this ad would be considered ridiculous at best, tone deaf at worst.


Mindy Kaling Stars in McDonald's Ads That Don't Mention McDonald's, Because Millennials

The ads were apparently designed to take advantage of Millennials’ habit of playing on their phones while they watch TV.


"Fatherless" Collective Seeks Truth in an Alternative Facts Exhibit

The group showcases their own version of today’s information overload.


Watch James Van Der Beek's Hilarious Take on a Classic Vodka Ad for RED

Watch Van Der Beek's cheeky ad for Belevedere's (PRODUCT)RED vodka line, the proceeds from which will go towards fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa.


How Instagram Became One Giant Ad

Advertising came to Instagram with sponsored posts in 2014. Now it's teaming up with brands and retailers to make it easier for us to spend money—by tagging items we can then buy with one click.