The 2018 VMAs Were a Boring Hellscape

MTV's flagship awards show has devolved into navelgazey nonsense that even Cardi B couldn't save. Isn't this supposed to be fun?


Songs to Listen to As Your Eyes Are Fried by the Eclipse

We'll see you on the dark side of the moon.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, police found bomb-making materials at Dallas shooter Micah Johnson's home suggesting he had "other plans" for violence, dozens of protesters were arrested in Baton Rouge, and more.


I Feel You, Steven Tyler

I mean, I saw the picture of you at the AirBnB holding the jar of lemons.


A Secretive Air Cargo Operation Is Running in Ohio, and Signs Point to Amazon

A mysterious "Project Aerosmith" is rumored to be the ecommerce giant's first attempt at running its own air shipping service.


Bridge the Generation Gap with Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp's Supergroup, Hollywood Vampires

It's essentially the "We Are the World" of 70s, 80s, and 90s rock gods (plus, uh, Johnny Depp).


'Montage of Heck' Is a 'Film About Our Whole Generation,' Says Director Brett Morgen

The director and Courtney Love spoke onstage about truth, love, and "Cobain's disease" after a screening at the Tribeca Film Festival.


Consider the Lobster Roll: Straining for Meaning at Fenway Park and the Boston Marathon

What Fenway Park's infamous $29 lobster roll taught me about the commoditization of tragedy.


New England vs. Seattle: Who Will Win the Super Bowl (of Music)?

Determine who will win Super Bowl XLIX by voting for which team has the best music.


Why Aerosmith's Video Games Are Better Than Their Music

The numbers prove it, as does the impressive back catalog of gaming cameos.


Toasting the 20th Anniversary of the First 'Exclusive' Digital Download

Thank Aerosmith. Yes, fucking Aerosmith.


GO AEROSMITH: How "Head First" Became the First Digitally Downloadable Song 20 Years Ago Today

In 1994, the Internet was a primitive version of what we're familiar with today, and there sure wasn't Soundcloud or Spotify.