Brazilian gunshow

Ref Pulls Gun in Brazilian Amateur Match

Referee Camilo Eustáquio de Souza, who claims he was acting in his official capacity as a police officer, could face a potential two year suspension from official soccer matches.
Liam Daniel Pierce

IBF Joins WBC, Will Punish Professional Boxers If They Compete at the Olympics

The IBF is the latest organization making concerted efforts in warding off professional boxers from taking part in the Olympics Games this summer.
Jake Hughes

MMA on a Cold Winter's Night

A full day of kickboxing and mixed martial arts provides a brief respite from subzero temperatures in Minnesota.
Sascha Matuszak

I Spent a Day on an Australian Porn Set and Ate Sushi

You might not associate Australia with porn, but we do our bit. I spent a day on a Melbourne porn set to see how the producers do everything, including the catering.
Julian Morgans

Things You Learn Designing Porn Banners for a Living

We talked to a girl who spent her vacation knocking out porny web banners. According to her, it's all about psychology. Low, low psychology.
Ash Berdebes

An Illustrated Guide to Surviving 24 Hours at Berghain

It's even harder than you think.
Catherine Fields
A Film Issue

Get Off My Back!

There are the ladies who’ll use their abdominal plumbing to make $7,000 helping a couple make a baby, and there are the girls who’ll use their vaginas to make $7,000 fucking a bunch of other girls for a porno.
Liz Armstrong
The Mexican Issue

Chinga Tu Madre

Mexican photographer Jose Luis Cuevas has been working on a series of photographs documenting the world of homemade Mexican porn.
Gabriella Gómez-Mont