Arizona Man Stole Ambulance to Buy Sandwich, Says It Was Too Hot to Walk

To be fair, it was very hot.
Ian Burke
Hospital Confessions

Terror, Shipwreck, Guns: 24 Hours in a Karachi Ambulance

Who would risk their safety to tend to the injured in a city caught between poverty and violence?
Samira Shackle
Nice Job!

What It's Like to Save Lives as a 25-Year-Old Paramedic

We talked to a young paramedic about what it's really like to work in emergency medical services. Turns out, it's not nearly as dramatic as TV makes it out to be, though when shit gets real, it gets really real.
Zach Sokol

Legal Highs, Pissed Pants, and Fist Fights: A Night with Britain's Clubland Paramedics

I spent an evening with the paramedics whose job it is to deal with bleeding, angry, drunk people on a Saturday night out.
Michael Segalov

Someone Stole a Circumcision Ambulance, Also Turns Out Circumcision Ambulances Exist

But what 'is' a circumcision ambulance?
Joel Golby
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A New Poll of Police and Ambulance Staff Shows Why the UK Can't Be Trusted to Drink Responsibly

Around 35 percent of ambulance journeys are somehow related to alcohol.
Joe Goodman

Melbourne Tried to Have a Tomato Festival and It Was a Violent Mess

I saw a guy almost blinded when his glasses were smashed. I saw a kid in a tiger suit crying on the ground. I saw a woman struggling to pick herself up among the fury of legs and arms. I saw things I'll never unsee.
Jack Callil
thump video

YAAASS KWEEN! Watch This EMT Driver Slaying on the Clock

You better work.
Lauren Schwartzberg
Really, Ryan?

Try Not to Destroy Your Life

A few months ago I tried molly for the first time in the bathroom of a bar in Brooklyn. I dissolved the powder in water, drank it, and waited till I felt different. A short while later, fireworks exploded all over my brain. Then, just like that...
Ryan O'Connell