Atlas Hoods

    • 2.27.13

      Abandoned Estonian Prisons Are a Little Slice of Hell

      Back in 1820, Russian Tzar Nicholas I built a massive prison on the Baltic coast just outside of Tallinn, Estonia, which was so good at making prisoners cower remorsefully before the might of the hegemony, that it remained in commission right up until...

    • 9.15.11

      Leninist Christmas Utopia Theme Parks Aren't Built in a Day

      What you're looking at is not just a collection of weird little communist cars, dilapidated slaughterhouses, and idly grazing livestock. It is actually the site upon which will one day stand Europe's No. 1 Leninist Christmas Utopia.

    • 6.13.11

      Atlas Hoods: Tibet's Sad Beauty Pageant

      What do you do when people keep telling you your country's not a real country?

    • 4.6.11

      The Third Korea

      Most people get it now that Korea is split in two: one half is evil while the other makes great flat screen TVs.

    • 4.1.11

      Botswana's Cowboy Metalheads

      Love it or hate it, when most people think of metal, they think of white dudes. Even if metal was born from the blues and there are growing scenes in places like Indonesia and Peru.

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    • 3.25.11

      The Croatian Tattooed Grandma Cult

      That little girl in the middle there is Tea Turalija. She grew up in Bosnia and Herzegovina surrounded by tattooed women. Every day she would plant kisses on her great grandmother's hands, thinking nothing of the etchings on her arms.

    • 3.18.11

      Tsunami Ground Zero

      I used to live out in Japan and have a friend in Sendai who was caught up in the mind-blowing destruction caused by last week's earthquake. When she got in touch to let me know she was safe, she pointed me in the direction of Aika and Jesse Ortiz.

    • 3.11.11

      Venezuela's Skyscraper Slum

      My uncle Gabriel works in a busy modern office in the heart of Caracas’ financial district. But when he goes to take a leak in one of the men’s rooms on the top floor, he doesn’t get to look out and survey the dull urbanity that surrounds other...

    • 3.3.11

      The Gangster Preacher

      South African preacher Albern Martins really loves a good shout. He has the common preacher habit of standing two inches from your earhole and booming out long, elliptical speeches that encompass God, forgiveness, repentance, gangsters he has known and...

    • 2.17.11

      The Country That Doesn't Exist

      Out on the fringes of the former USSR, in one little pocket of Eastern Europe, the trauma of the Soviet Empire's collapse has never quite been shaken off.