avian flu


The US Will Fund Research to Make Pathogens Deadlier Again

The NIH lifted a 3-year funding moratorium on “gain-of-function” research meant to make deadly viruses stronger and more transmissible.
Daniel Oberhaus

China Is Expecting a Major Chicken Shortage During the Year of the Rooster

In the Chinese zodiac, the rooster signifies fortune, luck, and protection, something that China's seven billion chicken farmers are not getting a lot of these days.
Nick Rose

From Droughts to Disease, 2015 Highlighted Our Food System's Shortcomings

A look at the big moments in food production this year reveals how far we’ve come, and how very far we have left to go.
Kaleigh Rogers

WHO Releases Its (Now) Annual List of the Nine Most Dire Epidemic Threats

An unpleasant bunch ranging from Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever to standbys MERS and SARS
Michael Byrne
avian flu

Glow-in-the-Dark Chickens May End Avian Flu Outbreaks Around the World

Researchers have injected fertile chicken eggs with a protein—that makes the resulting baby chicks glow bright green—in hopes of making them less susceptible to avian flu.
Javier Cabral

You Can Now Fight High Egg Prices By Renting a Chicken Online

Egg prices may be skyrocketing, but you can get anything on the internet these days. Including live chickens for temporary use.
Alex Swerdloff

Eggs Are Now More Expensive Than Chicken

In case you've been sleeping through the latest avian flu outbreak, you might not have noticed that eggs have nearly doubled in price in recent months. And you know what that means? Eggs are officially more expensive than chicken meat.
Munchies Staff

The Bird Flu Epidemic Has China Scrambling for Brazil's Chicken Feet

The devastating avian flu outbreak in the US has left China—the world's biggest market for chicken feet—seeking alternative sources for their foot fetish.
Hilary Pollack

Start Hoarding for Omelets, Because Egg Rations Are Really Happening

In the wake of an avian flu pandemic that’s been devastating Midwestern farms, eggs are in increasingly short supply. The rationing has begun.
Jesse Hirsch

Bird Flu Is Forcing Egg Prices to Skyrocket

Remember those 5 million sad Iowa chickens, sentenced to death to stave off an avian flu epidemic? Well, industry analysts are now reporting supermarket egg prices up 58 percent from just one month ago.
Jesse Hirsch

Millions of Chickens Have Bird Flu and Nobody Knows How It's Spreading

The governors of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa have all declared states of emergency in response to the outbreaks.
Kaleigh Rogers

5 Million Chickens Are About to Be Killed to Prevent the Spread of Avian Flu

An additional 27,000 turkeys in Buena Vista Country, about an hour and a half away, were euthanized last week after the same virus was discovered in their flock. Although the culls may seem extreme, the virus is so deadly to birds that it can eradicate...
Hilary Pollack