basic income

basic income

Why CEOs Love Basic Income

CEOs are asking Ontario's conservative government to stop the cancellation of an ongoing basic income pilot. Basic income is conservative, the open letter's co-author says, and sadly, he's right.
Jordan Pearson
basic income

Conservatives Just Killed Canada's Basic Income Pilot

Ontario Premier Doug Ford's administration cancelled the basic income pilot on Tuesday, which was supposed to run for three years and gave participants a monthly no-strings-attached support payment.
Jordan Pearson
Reality Checks

Basic Income Is Being Set Up to Fail

The current crop of basic income trials fall painfully short of holding society-changing potential.
Jordan Pearson
basic income

Basic Income Is Already Transforming Life and Work In a Postindustrial Canadian City

In Hamilton, Ontario, a basic income pilot is improving individual lives—but bureaucratic pitfalls and tepid goals can limit its potential.
Jordan Pearson

The Presidential Candidate Bent on Beating the Robot Apocalypse Will Give Two Americans a $1,000-per-month Basic Income

Andrew Yang is running for President on a platform of paying Americans $1,000 a month.
Brian Merchant

Americans Laugh and Cheer as Billionaire Fails to Guess the Price of Basic Household Items

The Ellen Show reminds us all that billionaires are really not like us.
Jordan Pearson
Governance Structures

Hillary Clinton Didn’t Propose Universal Basic Income Because Centrists Won’t Fix the Future

In 'What Happened,' Clinton says she considered a universal basic income, but "couldn't make the numbers work."
Jordan Pearson
basic income

Scotland Will Fund Basic Income Research, First Minister Says

Scotland joins the growing list of countries looking to test a basic income.
Jordan Pearson
fully automated luxury communism

Universal Basic Income Is the Path to an Entirely New Economic System

There will be robots.
Jordan Pearson

Click Here to Find Out If a Robot Will Take Your Job

The robots have their eyes on a lot of jobs. Is yours one?
Samantha Cole
Universal Basic Income

For the Cost of Republican Tax Cuts, We Can Give Working Americans Up to $18,000 a Year

Instead of corporate tax cuts for big companies that can be used to create more robots, we could allow Americans to benefit from the wealth automation creates.
Gregory Ferenstein
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How to Keep Our Robots, Lose Our Jobs, And Prosper

It's not as crazy as it sounds, but would require a fundamental shift.
Jordan Pearson