Let Everyone See the Turkey Before You Fuck It Up

I think I've mastered the art of Thanksgiving. Sometimes it requires smashing bottles of wine for fun, or buying a turkey out of some lady's garage and letting it brine in a bucket on your porch.
Naomi Pomeroy

Why I Feel Totally Fine About Serving Horse Meat

Why the long face?
Scott Vivian

'The Green Lion Who Swallows The Sun,' Today's Comic by Harper Swindell

A girl and her dog Danger are determined to find the Green Lion so they can watch it devour the sun.
Harper Swindell

Alberta’s Premier Heads to Fort McMurray as Fire's Growth Slows

At least 1,600 structures, mostly homes, have been destroyed, but huge swaths of the city remain intact since people were forced out of Fort McMurray because of wildfires that continue to rage.
Rachel Browne

2015 Was the Year K-Pop Nailed the Full-Length Album

Following a tumultuous 2014 full of drama and tragedy, the K-pop machine recalibrated and turned its focus back to the music.
Jakob Dorof

Doug Merlino Spent Two Years with American Top Team for His New Book “Beast”

We spoke with the author of “Beast: Blood, Struggle, and the Dreams at the Heart of Mixed Martial Arts” about his two year journey following American Top Team through the world of MMA.
Nick Wong

New Nordic Cuisine Is Dead

The food world still gushes over Nordic dining and its locavore penchant for oddball beach herbs and gnarly root vegetables, but more than a decade after the New Nordic manifesto, Copenhagen looks ready to adapt more global flavors.
Lars Eriksen
New music

Premiere: Watch BEAST’s video for “Smoke Swig Swear”

Plus we talked to BEAST’s singer Inge about being a band in South Africa, why they're "sick of fucking indie and electro and soft cock rock," and how they like to keep it filthy.
Kelly Fulton