Bollywood’s First Lesbian Rom-Com Is Bringing Queer Love to Indian Cinema

The mother of a gay child, Shelly Chopra Dhar, and Gazal Dhaliwal, a trans woman, co-wrote the script for a groundbreaking new movie in India in the hopes of getting through to parents of LGBTQ children.
Alyssa Klein

The Rise of T-Series, the YouTube Channel That Will Soon Dethrone PewDiePie

An Indian entertainment channel is poised to take over as the largest YouTube channel in the world.
Ankita Rao
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Inside 'Hungama,' an LGBTQ+ Bollywood Night in an East London Strip Club

It's rare that South Asian clubbers can come together to celebrate queer culture, but this new night at Metropolis provides just that.
Salma Haidrani

A Tribute to the Only Bollywood Star My Indian Family Ever Agreed About

For his birthday, we celebrate some of Amitabh Bachchan's best films.
Nandini Balial
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The Warehouse Project, Elrow Respond After Party Poster Deemed “Offensive” by Critics

A Bollywood-themed party, set for February 18, featured a caricature of Hindu deity Lord Shiva.
Krystal Rodriguez

Grenades, Cheap Gas, and a Godman: The Cult That Went to War With Police in India

At least 29 people were killed last week when police in India ousted members of a religious sect from a public park where they had built a secretive mini-state.
John Dyer
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Counter Records's New Label Darling Fakear Is Dropping His Debut This Summer

'Animal' is out June 10 on Counter Records.
Michael Scott Barron

Amrit's New Tune "Blow" Is a Lithe Little Number

The Australian-born, Anglo-Indian newbie drops her second ever tune. We'd like to hear more ASAP please, thanks.
Kim Taylor Bennett
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From Bollywood to Acid House: A Remembrance of Charanjit Singh

We look at the work of an unlikely creator of a genre passed away at age 75.
Adwait Patil

An Augmented Reality Superheroine Is Fighting the Social Stigma of Rape in India

The comic book story of a mortal woman and the Hindu goddess Parvati in their fight against gender-based violence debuts in the United States in a new gallery exhibition.
Beckett Mufson

Why Is This Harmless-Looking Bollywood Movie Triggering a Huge Free Speech Debate in India?

"MSG: The Messenger of God" is a Bollywood film that critics claim is trying to proselytize on behalf of a bizarre and controversial religious sect.
Mike Pearl

Pakistani Anti-Terror Court Slaps Bollywood Star with 26 Years in Jail for Blasphemy

The sentence was handed down the same week the European Parliament urged Pakistan to axe its controversial blasphemy rules.
Liz Fields