casey reas


The National Mark a Year of Trump in Power with New "Walk It Back" Video

Directed by Casey Reas, the video aims to highlight the vanity and spectacle of recent politics.


The National Return with “The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness”

The band also detailed their seventh studio LP, 'Sleep Well Beast,' out September 8 on 4AD.


Bitforms Gallery Celebrates 15 Years with a Retrospective in San Francisco

The leader in 'new media' art since 2001 throws an anniversary retrospective in the city tied to tech innovation.


'There’s No Distance' Charts 15 Years of Evolving New Media Art

Studio art and performance art come together in an exhibition of Casey Reas’ work at bitforms gallery.


Animated TV Shows Turn Into Static, Coded Canvases

Casey Reas manipulates TV transmissions into visual works reminiscent of Pollock.


Here's Everything Awesome About Processing 3.0

Say "Hello World" to all-new features in the free, open-source creative coding suite.


Know Your Language: Meet Processing, the Lingua Franca of Creative Coding

What started as a programming learning tool developed at MIT now pretty much owns code-based digital art.


An Arts and Tech Community Finds a New Home in San Francisco

Talking to Barry Threw, a mainstay at Gray Area, about taking creative initiative, and also about the first edition of the Gray Area Festival.


Casey Reas' Newest Art Is A Coded, Projected 'Allegory Of The Cave'

While the pas de trois may look like one of Reas' simpler works, there's a lot more at work here.


Casey Reas Launches New Exhibition At Bitforms Gallery

One of the biggest names in new media art opens his first solo show in NYC in five years.


Hello World! Processing: A Smart New Documentary On The Awesome Potential Of Creative Coding

Check out this excellent web-based doc on the amazing creative potential of creative coding, featuring Casey Reas’ open source software Processing.


Yeasayer, Casey Reas, And Aranda\Lasch Create A Generative Tour Environment

This immersive visual environment becomes another live component in the band’s performance.