Important Questions Raised By...

The Stories Behind Homemade Mixtapes People Have Been Given

“If he knew me at all, he'd know I hate these bands.”
Daisy Jones
Holy Shit

Frank Ocean Releases Physical Copies of 'Endless' for Cyber Monday

Available for just 24 hours, his new limited-edition drop of 'Endless' transfers it from its original video format to VHS, CD, vinyl, the deepest corners of your mind.
Noisey UK Staff

What Does Your Preferred DJing Format Say About You as a Person?

Vinyl? USB? CDJs? What does it all mean?
Josh Baines
Important Questions Raised By...

Does Anyone in the World Still Buy CDs?

Noisey UK went down to their local stores to ask people: why?
Daisy Jones
thump news

New Study Suggests That Streaming Services Slightly Encourage Record Sales

The numbers are far from unequivocally strong but they're there nonetheless.
Alexander Iadarola
Who Actually Listens To...

Humans of the CD Street Stall: Who Still Buys Pirated Discs?

The Indonesian government's recent crackdown on online and streaming music websites hasn't seemed to have affected the pirate CD stalls of Jakarta.
Stanley Widianto

This CD Box Set Looks Like an Incan Temple

Representing their collective cultural legacy in stunning CD covers, Youth Experimental Studio builds a 9-disc set for composer Manongo Mujica.
Nathaniel Ainley
Objectively Correct Lists

The 25 Albums Found at the Bottom of Every Used CD Bin

The most popular record store rejects.
Dan Ozzi
Motherboard Blog

RIP Norio Ohga, Sony's compact disc man

Pick up a CD, if you haven’t sold all of yours already. Ever wonder why the diameter is 4.7 inches? This was specified by Norio Ohga, who wanted to make sure that the entirety of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony—all 75 minutes worth—could fit on every...
Noisey Moisey
The Gangs Issue

We Talked To David Koresh's Girlfriend

Last year, an independent label in Otho, Iowa (Junior Motel Records) released a post-humous recording by David Koresh. The CD, Voice of Fire, contains two songs and a 40-minute sermon by the self-proclaimed son of God.
Johnson Cummings