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MUNCHIES: The Podcast

MUNCHIES: The Podcast: Life Lessons from the One and Only Jacques Pépin

Jacques Pépin is France's greatest gift to the United States.
Munchies Staff

Matty Matheson Is Back for a New Season of 'DEAD SET ON LIFE'

The third season, premiering Thursday on VICELAND, takes the celebrity chef from Australia to Las Vegas in search of incredible food and a wild time.
VICE Staff
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Being a Judge For a Cooking Show Gave Me an Iron Stomach

As a preliminary food tasting judge for cooking competition shows, I taste the good, the bad, and the ugly. By the time the finalists are selected to be on the show, only the ones that didn’t give me food poisoning get to cook for the TV judges.

We Asked Nigella Lawson for Her Christmas Dinner Game Plan

“Write a list of everything you plan to cook on Christmas Day,” advises Nigella Lawson, TV chef and unrivalled domestic goddess. “Then go away, drink a cup of tea, and strike out about half the dishes you’d planned.”
Phoebe Hurst
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Jamie Oliver Doesn't Want to Be a Hipster Chef

Original celebrity chef Jamie Oliver might not be as edgy as the tattooed guys on Chef’s Table, but he remains as one of Britain's most popular food personalities.
Phoebe Hurst
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Keith Floyd Changed My Life

Every recipe was the same, and none of the dishes ever looked that edible, but Keith Floyd—broadcaster, bon vivant, born entertainer—changed my life.
Josh Baines

Heston Blumenthal Is Threatening to Sue This Tiny French Bistro

The owner of The Fat Duck in Confolens, France received a letter from the celebrity chef’s legal team requesting that he change his bistro’s name.
Phoebe Hurst
New Orleans

Watch Us Go Fishing With John Besh in New Orleans

On a lazy Saturday, why not take a vicarious voyage to the bayou? We've got just the ticket—and chef and hunter extraordinaire John Besh is leading the way.
Munchies Staff

MUNCHIES Is Bringing Eddie Huang's Show Back

Eddie Huang, VICE's resident bao chef and bon vivant, used to have a very popular show on this website. The show had a great name, but unfortunately we recently had to retire that name at the strong urging of our lawyers. The show's getting a relaunch...
VICE Staff

In Defense of Guy Fieri

Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar: GABK. Sounds great when you say that acronym out loud. And gotta say, a bunch of friends and I had fuckin’ blast this week when we descended on the much-maligned Times Square eatery for a little Guy-style grub.
Alex Forbes