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Lena Raine's Digital Ambience Can Make You Panic or Help You Relax

Her soundtrack work for the acclaimed platformer 'Celeste' earned her scores of awards and a spot onstage next to Hans Zimmer. Her debut solo album 'Oneknowing' was made, in part, as a way of dealing with the sudden spotlight.
Sam Goldner
Game of the Year 2018

Our Favorite Games of 2018: Patrick's Top 10

Anime may not be real, but these games that Patrick loved are.
Patrick Klepek

My Biggest Revelations of 2018 Came from an Indie Video Game

'Celeste' helped me manage my anxiety and taught me to be kinder to myself.
Nicole Clark
Game of the Year 2018

Our Favorites Games of 2018: Rob and Patrick's Chicago Bears Pro Bowl Snubs

Not everyone knows what a nose tackle does, but that doesn't mean Eddie Goldman isn't deserving of recognition! Also, our games of the year, I guess?
Patrick Klepek
Game of the Year 2018

How Empathy and Vulnerability Radically Transformed My View of Video Games

There are moments in life that change you. Some obvious, others subtle—influence only obvious in retrospect. But in my life, each radically shifted how I came to think, write, and report about games.
Patrick Klepek

The Game Awards Were Much More Entertaining Than Expected

And no, not only because our expectations were low.
Austin Walker

Why The Very Hard 'Celeste' is Perfectly Fine With You Breaking Its Rules

After the release of 'Cuphead,' designer Matt Thorson wondered if there was a way to make his challenging game more accessible.
Patrick Klepek

'Dandara' Is Yet Another Gorgeous 2D Platformer, But Plays Unlike Any Other

'Dandara' offers a gorgeous world, challenging bosses, and a whole lot of salt.
Danielle Riendeau

'Celeste,' the Ultra Hard Platformer That Also Wants to Give You a Hug

Not many games about death feel this warm, inviting, and playful. It's also very fun to play.
Patrick Klepek

Ugly Reports About Quantic Dream Have Us Rethinking ‘Detroit: Become Human’

On today's podcast, we try to put recent investigations into the developer's workplace into context.
Patrick Klepek