climate change

West Coast Crab Fishermen Sue Big Oil Over Climate Change

Rising ocean temperatures caused Dungeness crabs to become toxic, devastating the industry in California.
Danielle Wayda

These Oil and Coal Companies Have the Worst Climate Change Records

A new study from the Union of Concerned Scientists shows how fossil fuel producers seed scientific doubt and block climate-related policies.
Sarah Emerson

Chevron Wins, But Ecuador's Amazon Remains an Unmitigated Environmental Disaster

Once again, corporate and government interests win; the environment loses.
Jason Koebler

​The Plan to Mop Up the World's Largest Oil Spill With Fungus

Can a team of radical biologists deploy mushrooms to absorb the Amazonian oil spills that have plagued the forest for decades?
Maddie Stone

Why Oil Refineries Shoot Fireballs

Flaring at a California plant had some citizens concerned.
Max Cherney
Motherboard Blog

If You Protest, Testify Against, or Report On Chevron, the Oil Giant Will Get Your Metadata

The oil company wants Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to hand over information about the people who are suing them, and a federal court said they should get it.
Rashed Aqrabawi
Motherboard Blog

A Chevron Gas Rig in Nigeria Has Been Burning for More Than Three Weeks Now

Nigeria is Africa's largest oil exporter, and as the "headlines continually show":
Derek Mead