West Coast Crab Fishermen Sue Big Oil Over Climate Change

Rising ocean temperatures caused Dungeness crabs to become toxic, devastating the industry in California.


These Oil and Coal Companies Have the Worst Climate Change Records

A new study from the Union of Concerned Scientists shows how fossil fuel producers seed scientific doubt and block climate-related policies.


Chevron Wins, But Ecuador's Amazon Remains an Unmitigated Environmental Disaster

Once again, corporate and government interests win; the environment loses.


Attack by 'Avengers' Militant Group Forces Chevron to Close Oil Facility in Nigeria

A militant group called the Niger Delta Avengers, which has ordered companies to leave Nigeria's oil-rich region, claimed responsibility for the attack.


Nigeria Strikes Back Against 'Avengers' Group That Has Been Terrorizing Oil Companies

The Niger Delta Avengers are a new militant group that has claimed responsibility for a recent wave of attacks on pipelines in Nigeria's oil-rich south.


Ambushes, Kidnappings, and Dead Cops: Niger Delta Oil Production Hits Historic Low Amid Violence

Multinational oil giants Shell and Chevron have been forced to stall oil production in Nigeria in recent weeks as the uptick in violent attacks on pipelines puts pressure on the country's finances.


Chevron Forced to Close Oil Facility in Nigeria After Attack by 'Avengers' Militant Group

A group known as the Niger Delta Avengers attacked a Chevron facility in an oil-rich region of Nigeria, reviving fears of an insurgency in the area.


The World's Largest Sovereign Wealth Fund Says ExxonMobil and Chevron Must Do More About Climate Change

Norway's sovereign wealth fund is backing shareholder resolutions that would require the fossil fuel companies to report on the risks of climate change and how emissions regulations might impact profits.


This Epic Environmental Lawsuit Just Got a Bit More Complicated

A key Chevron witness admitted to lying in a racketeering and fraud suit against attorney Steven Donziger, so the lawyer and his legal team are asking that the federal court judgement be thrown out.


Chevron's Star Witness Admits to Lying in the Amazon Pollution Case

The witness, a former Ecuadorean judge, claimed that lawyers representing residents of the Amazon harmed by the oil company's contamination paid him to ghostwrite a court judgement — but he now says that he lied.


There Is Persistent Contamination at Former Chevron Sites in the Amazon

Just released transcripts from an international arbitration proceeding reveal oil contamination at sites supposedly cleaned up by the oil major.