Video Shows April Ryan’s Bodyguard Roughing up a Journalist

The editor of New Brunswick Today was removed from Ryan's speaking event by a bodyguard, and the whole scene was caught on video.
Trone Dowd
4 days ago

The GOP is in the awkward position to help the media Trump hates

The bipartisan Journalism Competition and Preservation Act could help the same news outlets the president often uses as a punchline.
David Uberti
election 2020

John Hickenlooper held a really weird town hall where he talked about watching porn with his mom

Democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper sure has an interesting strategy for winning over voters.
Carter Sherman
election 2020

Elizabeth Warren called for abolishing the Electoral College

"Every vote matters," Warren said. "And that means get rid of the Electoral College."
Rex Santus
Noisey News

Report: New Video of R. Kelly Allegedly Having Sex With Minor Emerges

The New Yorker spoke to an unnamed law-enforcement official, who said that Kelly could be indicted soon.
Kristin Corry

The White House says it will ban CNN’s Jim Acosta again next week

“These actions threaten all journalists and news organizations."
Tim Hume
white house

A judge just ordered Trump to reinstate CNN's Jim Acosta's White House press pass

Trump-appointed judge ruled the White House did not give Acosta due process and likely caused CNN "irreparable harm."
Rex Santus
faux news

Even Fox News thinks Trump went too far with Jim Acosta

Trump's favorite network isn't siding with him on this one.
Rex Santus
fake snooze

CNN sues Trump for barring Jim Acosta from the White House

“This severe and unprecedented punishment is the culmination of years of hostility by President Trump against CNN and Acosta based on the contents of their reporting."
Rex Santus

No Evidence the White House Video of Jim Acosta Was Doctored, Forensic Expert Says

But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t make people angry.
Kaleigh Rogers
white house press corps

The White House is circulating a doctored Infowars video

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is using the video to justify banning CNN reporter Jim Acosta
Emma Ockerman
migrant caravan

Fox News, NBC and Facebook have pulled Trump's "racist" caravan ad

Tess Owen