How Coca Leaf Became Colombia’s New Superfood

At the Embajada de la Coca, the green leaf is being restored to its rightful place as a powerful medicinal plant and super-nutrient that should be revered instead of reviled.


Bolivia ended its drug war by kicking out the DEA and legalizing coca

Though the US said this month that Bolivia has "demonstrably failed" to fulfill its counter-narcotics commitments, there is less violence, less cocaine, and even less coca in Bolivia than there was before.


The Golden Age of Drug Trafficking: How Meth, Cocaine, and Heroin Move Around the World

Just as globalization has changed the way the world does business, it's also changed the way the world manufactures, transports, and obtains illegal drugs. As a result, more people are getting high today than ever before.


Bolivia's President Suggested the Pope Try Coca

During Evo Morales' visit to the vatican he gave Pope Francis three books about the coca leaf.


A New Kind of Coca Leaf Is Thriving in Southern Colombia

Farmers are growing a super resistant coca leaf that can withstand glyphosate fumigation they say has continued despite the government's promises to stop using the chemical that has been linked to cancer.


The War on Drugs Isn't Just Destroying Lives — It's Also Killing the Environment

Ahead of a UN General Assembly session on international drug policy, the Open Society Foundation says environmental devastation is among the collateral damage caused by anti-drug programs.


Don't Forget That Your Weekend Fun is Killing People, Cocaine Users Told

The new #EveryLineCounts campaign targets recreational drug users with a social conscience, asking them to think about the environmental devastation and brutal violence fueled by their habit.


Why Doesn’t Anyone Produce Cocaine in Australia?

With an average gram costing $200, it's not like there's a lack of demand.


Colombian Cocaine Farmers Are in Love with The Cocoa

The spike in cocoa price is so pronounced that some farmers are getting out of the profitable but deadly coca game.


The White House Blacklisted Bolivia for Growing Coca While US States Sell Legal Weed

The US has once again "decertified" Bolivia, despite recent data that shows the country has achieved an unparalleled decrease in coca cultivation.