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The Murder of Charlene Downes, the British Schoolgirl Who Vanished Without a Trace

Sixteen years ago, the 14-year-old disappeared. Since then, her case has sparked an investigation into police work and has become the focus of the far-right.
James McMahon

Hunting England's Notorious Murderer the 'Beast of Buckland'

A young man was convicted of the murder in 1988, and served 16 years for a crime he did not commit. Now, a retired detective thinks he knows who really did it.
Hayden Vernon
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Code-Breaker Says He's Cracked the DB Cooper Plane Heist Mystery

Based on a string of numbers in one of Cooper's old letters.
River Donaghey

The DOJ has reopened the 1955 Emmett Till murder case that sparked the civil rights movement

The DOJ quietly reopened the investigation after receiving new information
Tess Owen

'Wormwood' Is the CIA LSD Murder Conspiracy Show We Need Right Now

Errol Morris is back, and he's using actors to bring a familiar style into a fresh new direction.
Noel Ransome
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How America’s National Parks Became Hotbeds of Paranormal Activity

Bigfoot and aliens have come to overshadow the government’s aging database of missing persons cold cases.
Sarah Emerson
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Notorious Killer Clown Arrested After 27 Years on the Loose, Cops Say

Sheila Keen Warren allegedly gunned down her lover's wife back in 1990. Decades later, the cops found her married to the man.
Drew Schwartz
CSI: Cold Hacks

New Evidence Links a 20-Year-Old Hack on the US Government to a Modern Attack Group

A UK company's vintage web server kept in storage for over 20 years connects the 'Moonlight Maze' attacks of the 90s to the 2000s hacker group Turla.
Kim Zetter
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We'll Probably Never Know What Happened to Notorious Plane Hijacker DB Cooper

The FBI announced Tuesday that it's going to close the investigation into the mysterious hijacker who escaped with $200,000 and was never seen or heard of again.
VICE Staff
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A Cold Case Murder, the Movie 'Jaws,' and the Dubious Value of Internet Sleuthing

An extra on the set of ‘Jaws’ may resemble an identified murder victim whose body was found on Cape Cod in 1974. Can the internet help figure it out?
Colleen Curry

Can Pennsylvania Convict a Man for Killing a 14-Year-Old in 1974?

After 41 years, the cops think they found out who murdered Johnny Watson—but will the conviction stick in court?
Nick Keppler
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How My Book Infected My Nightmares

My history of a tragic love affair in 19th-century Tennessee began to bleed into my dreams.
Alexis Coe