Odd and Ominous Photos of Small-Town Community Centers

Photographer Eli Durst constructs an eerie fictional world out of suburban community groups.
Clara Mokri

Pre-Crime Policing Is Closer Than You Think, and It's Freaking People Out

Hartford is embracing a sophisticated surveillance apparatus that some civil liberties advocates and residents fear marks an ominous trend.
Eoin Higgins
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Substitute Teacher Started 'Fight Club' to Befriend Teens, Cops Say

"The truth is I'm an idiot," the fired 23-year-old told police.
Drew Schwartz
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Cops Heard Adam Lanza Wanted to Kill at Sandy Hook Before Shooting, Docs Show

A trove of newly released files also suggests that the FBI and CIA may have interviewed Lanza years before the shooting.
Drew Schwartz
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This Anti-Trump Halloween Display Turns the US into a Russian Pirate Ship

Featuring a doomed DACA recipient, Hillary Clinton, and James Comey walking the plank.
Drew Schwartz
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Trump Fan Tries to Frame Democrats with Worst Street Art Ever

The guy wrote "Left Is the Best" graffiti all over an elementary school to get people mad at Democrats, but police saw right through his genius scheme.
River Donaghey

Cops Keep Killing Teens in Cars

A Connecticut teen's death in an allegedly stolen vehicle is the second case in as many weeks of a teen getting shot dead in a car.
Allie Conti

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Eight out of ten Trump supporters think paying taxes is a civic duty, a judge dismisses a lawsuit over police tactics in Ferguson, the NRA responds to the Kardashian robbery with sarcastic tweets, and more.
VICE Staff

The Rise and Fall of a Motorcycle Club Icon Turned Coke Trafficker

They called him "Robin Hood on a motorcycle," and Leroy Bolden held it down in New Haven until coke got the better of him.
Daniel Shkolnik

A Former Crack Dealer Explains the Danger and Appeal of Slinging Rocks in the 80s

For a while, at least, there were no wars and no worries—just fun, easy money.
Daniel Shkolnik
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It's Now Pretty Much Impossible for Republicans to Stop Trump

Soon, the only things standing between Donald Trump and the presidency will be God and Hillary Clinton.
John Surico

The 'Ninja Burglar' Is Headed to Prison After a Career of Rape and Robbery

The 46-year-old confessed to more than 100 burglaries, but his past is way darker.
Allie Conti