Remembering the Elvis Presley Remix That Somehow Changed Culture

Fifteen years later, the big beats of Elvis vs JXL's "A Little Less Conversation" still rings on.
Angus Harrison

50 Foolproof After-Party Conversation Starters, That Aren't "Did You Have a Good Night?"

Fifty things you can talk about without ever mentioning Donald Trump.
Josh Baines & Angus Harrison
The VICE Guide to Right Now

There's Only Room in Your Brain for Five Best Friends, Says Science

Turns out it doesn't matter how many Facebook friends you have, because your brain only has room for five BFFs.
VICE Staff

Having Cryptic Conversations About Encrypted Graphics at Rosa Menkman’s New Show

A conversation about "resolutions" at the 'Institutions of Resolution Disputes [iRD],' which opened last Saturday night at Transfer Gallery in Brooklyn.
Sophia Callahan

Author Caitlin Moran in (Drunken) Conversation with Sophie Heawood – Part One

Talking body image, sex, cat piss, and walking in on Damien Hirst taking a shit.
Sophie Heawood

Zak Arctander: Endless Want

If there is a common subject within Zak Arctander’s photographs, it is that of the pursuant gaze, a subject in a relentless search for the often intangible object of its desire. We sat down with Zak to talk about butterflies and being alive.
Kyle Laidig

Randal Levenson: 'In Search of the Monkey Girl'

Randal Levenson's series <em>In Search of the Monkey Girl</em> is now on view at La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, Canada, so we sat down with Levenson to talk about his days on the road, getting to know sideshow freaks, and being able to photograph who...
Adam Barbu

Kim Gordon and Raymond Pettibon Are Fucking Depressing

I went to a celebration for the release of <em>To Wit</em>, a book of art by Raymond Pettibon, where he talked with Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon about his work. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a total snoozefest.
Sean J Patrick Carney

A Terminal Cancer Patient Talks to an Exonerated Serial Killer

Sture Bergwall, formerly known as Thomas Quick, used to be considered Scandinavia's worst serial killer. He had been convicted of sexually abusing 30 little boys before stabbing them to death. Just before Sture was exonerated, I met the man to talk...
Kristian Gidlund, Illustrations: Anna Lewenhaupt