True Crime Podcast 'Conviction' Investigates a Vigilante Private Eye

Manuel Gomez made it his mission to take down dirty cops. But is he protecting the innocent or out for revenge?
Kara Weisenstein

The Unforgettable Story of a Teen Murdered by Her Peers

Twenty years after Reena Virk’s horrific death, the reporter who knew the teenage girls involved goes deep on a crime that shocked the world.
Rebecca Godfrey
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Two Former Christie Aides Were Found Guilty in the 'Bridgegate' Trial

The crimes carry a maximum sentence of 20 years, but the greatest fallout may be a definitive end to their former boss Chris Christie's future in national politics—if Trump loses.
River Donaghey
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Adnan Syed's Lawyer Is Trying to Get Him Out on Bail

Syed's lawyer has filed a motion to get him out on bail just a few months after a Baltimore judge granted the 'Serial' subject a new trial.
Lauren Messman

The Lifelong Repercussions of Being Falsely Imprisoned

Miscarriages of justice continue to take their toll on the mental health of prisoners after their release.
James Dawson

Australia Is Deporting Increasing Numbers of Convicted Kiwis Back to New Zealand

At the end of July, 166 New Zealanders were in immigration detention centers compared with a total of 52 deported for the whole of 2014.
Paul Gregoire

One of the Canadians Convicted of Killing Their Roommate Loretta Saunders Wants to Appeal Her Sentence

Victoria Henneberry wants to start the appeal process despite missing the deadline to do so.
Hilary Beaumont

​Forensic Linguists Use Spelling Mistakes to Help Convict Criminals

We talked to one of them about how a text message can give away a murderer.
Huw Oliver

Why Are the Indian Authorities Still Banning a Documentary About the Country's Rape Problem?

This morning a court ruling prolonged the ban on India's Daughter," a BBC documentary about rape in India. But the longer it lasts, the more people will talk about it.
Laya Maheshwari