Costa Rica


How a Suburban CA Cafe Got Their Hands on the World's Most Expensive Coffee Beans

Elida Geisha Natural set a new record, selling at auction for $803 per pound.
Sara Ventiera
living with jaguars

Ecotourism in Costa Rica Is Putting Wildlife at Risk

Ecotourism has been a positive force in some ways, but native species like the jaguar, sloth, and howler monkey are losing ground to development.
Tracey Lindeman

An Ode to the Noni, the World’s Most Disgusting Fruit

If you thought durian was the most unappealing fruit, you've clearly never punished yourself with the vomitous little noni. I, unfortunately, have.
Myles Karp

How to Throw a Destination Music Festival That Doesn't End in Disaster

As Fyre Festival proved recently, throwing extravagant events in far-flung locales is no easy task.
Alexandra Posadzki

How to Make Medicinal Honey Wine in the Middle of the Jungle

“I always had equated alcohol with being bad for you, and then I tasted some honey wine and it felt good."
Clarissa Wei

What It's Like to Make a Living on Drug Tourism

We talked to a local drug dealer who makes his living selling drugs to North American tourists.
Allison Tierney

Meet the Couple Growing Tropical Supergreens in the Costa Rican Jungle

The founders of Finca Tierra went off-grid to sow greens that grow like weeds. Their humble goal: have the smallest carbon footprint possible.
Clarissa Wei
Costa Rica

Now Is The Time To Fire Jurgen Klinsmann

It's time for Klinsmann to go, not just because the team is bad, but because there's time to make things right.
Aaron Gordon

The World's Most Famous Sex Tourist Is Fighting to Free Himself from Costa Rican Prison

David "Cuba Dave" Strecker is facing a year in prison for violating Costa Rica's sex tourism laws after blogging extensively about his experience with the country's prostitutes.
Michael Krumholtz
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Someone Shipped $55 Million Worth of Cocaine to a Coca-Cola Factory

A Coca-Cola plant in France opened a shipping container that was supposed to be full of juice and discovered around 800 pounds of blow.
Matthew James-Wilson

Puppies, Pride, and Drag Queens: Photos from Costa Rica's Annual LGBTQ Parade

The small Latin American country might not be top of the list for marriage equality or gay rights, but that didn't stop marchers in San José from celebrating Pride.
Rachel Eubanks
Copa America

It Was a Wild Night for Group A That Saw USMNT Advance on Top

Oh-ho-ho, how the fortunes have turned for a little known national team called the United States of America.
Liam Daniel Pierce