Starbucks Is Being Sued Over Allegedly Not Filling Up Cups All the Way

Two California customers are claiming in court that "Starbucks lattes are approximately 25 percent underfilled."


An Ode to the Outrageous World of Las Vegas Drinking Vessels

Why would you settle for a koozie-wrapped Bud Light bottle when you can drink out of a three-feet-long plastic cup shaped like a woman’s leg? Fishnets, high heels, and all?


New York Is Free to Resume Its Love Affair with Foam Take-Out Containers

A July 1 ban of polystyrene foam takeout containers, cups, and plates in New York has been overturned by a Supreme Court judge who says that the decision was "arbitrary."


These Anatomical Dishes Will Spoil Your Appetite

Israeli artist Ronit Baranga’s plates are a mouthful of NOPE.


Throw a Dinner Party with This Creepy Tableware and Watch Everyone Run Away

Ronit Baranga's tableware appears to have mysteriously sprouted body parts—fingers, mouths, teeth, tongues, even a baby's cheeks—and questions our assumptions about the usefulness of objects. It's also supremely unsettling.


Colorado’s Wacky Pitching Woes

Will using four mediocre starting pitchers instead of five make the Rockies any good?