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Watch Fish Swim By Petabytes of Data at Microsoft’s Underwater Data Center

It’s pretty surreal to watch all these fish congregate around the data center like it’s an artificial reef.
Daniel Oberhaus

Microsoft Just Put a Data Center on the Bottom of the Ocean

The shipping container-sized data center holds 864 servers and is completely powered by renewable energy.
Daniel Oberhaus

A Loud Sound Just Shut Down a Bank's Data Center for 10 Hours

Dozens of hard drives were knocked down during a fire drill that involved inert gas deployment.
Andrada Fiscutean

Bitcoin Mining in an Abandoned Iowa Grocery Store

Could this Midwestern data center become the largest Bitcoin mine in the world?
Kari Paul

Police Could Charge a Data Center in the Largest Child Porn Bust Ever

It’s an “innovative” way to fight file sharers, says one investigator, but will depend on whether employees knew the activity was taking place.
Justin Ling and Matthew Braga

What the 'Claustrophobic Atmosphere' at the Heart of a Data Center Sounds Like

Creeping and cyclical, pricked here and there with machine chatter, the din registers its own kind of mysterious silence.
Brian Anderson

This Is What The Internet Sounds Like

Data centers are REALLY loud.
Brian Anderson at Motherboard
Motherboard Blog

The NSA Fast-Tracked Its Gigantic New Data Center and Now It's Melting

Is it poetic justice that the home of the government's Orwellian online surveillance is burning down?
Meghan Neal
Motherboard Blog

When This Amazon Data Center Sneezed, Instagram, Vine, and Others Got Sick

How could such disparate services all get hit at once? A preemptive strike from the Syrian Electronic Army? Anonymous putting its foot (their feet?) down to end brunch-related photography?
Ben Richmond
Motherboard Blog

Sears Is Converting Its Defunct Department Stores Into Data Centers

Is this the warped future of historical preservation?
Meghan Neal