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'Dead or Alive' Players Are Pissed That They Can't Touch the Game's Women

'Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation' players got around a region-lock on Steam to find that a physical harassment mechanic was removed.
Matthew Gault
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Pulling Clothes Off Women Is the Latest Feature in 'Dead or Alive'

Days after the game director said the franchise planned to tone down the boobs, we get this.
Samantha Cole
"Softness Engine"

'Dead or Alive 6' Is Going to Chill on the Boob Stuff...For Now

Can a fighting game known for boob motion physics tone down the sexualization of its characters?
Emanuel Maiberg

Finally, a Video Game That Comes With an Anime Pillow Case You Were Going to Buy Anyway

Very thoughtfully sparing your Amazon shopping history.
Samantha Cole
In Memoriam

Dead or Alive Frontman Pete Burns Dies Aged 57

The trailblazing singer has been described by friends and family as "a true visionary."
Noisey Staff

Why the Dead or Alive Games Need More Dongs

Look, guys, nobody's saying you can't keep your tits and ass. But it's high time we got cock and balls, too.
Ian Stokes

Why I Make Nude Video Game Mods

Vergil of Lustful Illumination stayed up all night to give you 'Dead or Alive 5' nude mods ASAP.
Emanuel Maiberg

'Dead or Alive 5' Warned Players Not to Make Nude Mods, So They Made Nude Mods

It took less than a day for modders to defy the publisher's wishes to not strip characters.
Emanuel Maiberg
VICE vs Video games

This Was the Week in Video Games

The Peter Molyneux controversy continued, something called the World Video Game Hall of Fame came into being, and a bunch of games came out.
Mike Diver
Sex Ed Week

Gamers Can't Be Trusted With This Boob-Jiggling Tech

Dead or Alive's publisher is worried that players will modify its "Softness Engine."
Emanuel Maiberg