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Europe Is Moving Closer to Forcing Google to Pay for News Summaries

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There is no innovative method to monetizing content.


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Digital Media Is Kept Afloat By a Black Box of Confusion

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CDs, Ranked

The OFFICIAL rankings of the best compact discs.


The Truth Behind the Viral Videos of Mexican Women Doing Bumps of Cocaine

A private WhatsApp joke turned into a widely circulated clip that made international news—and the woman at the center of it says she lost her job as a result.


Yahoo To Stream Terrible London NFL Game Anywhere In The World For Free

People in Laos probably don't want to watch the Buffalo Bills take on the Jacksonville Jaguars, but now they can.


Canada Is Worried About America Taking Over Its Media

It's not just Netflix, Canada is worried about digital print media invading from the old US of A.


If Photos Are Free, Will Anyone Take Them?

Photographers don't sound happy about Getty's new plan to distribute its images for free.