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This morning, Obama bans solitary confinement for juvenile prisoners, Italy signs $18 billion of business deals with Iran, nudists in California could sue for "discrimination," and more.
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Donald Rumsfeld Made an iOS Game, and It's Actually Pretty Good

Rumsfeld brings Winston Churchill's variant of Solitaire to iOS with new game.
Leif Johnson

George W. Bush Sticks Up for Cheney and Rumsfeld After Dad Rips Them as 'Iron-Ass' and 'Arrogant'

In a new biography, former President George H.W. Bush chastises former Vice President Dick Cheney's for his combative language after the 2001 terror attacks and calls former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld "an arrogant fellow."
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Guantanamo's Detainee Library Won't Carry a Guantanamo Detainee’s Acclaimed New Book

Though the government heavily redacted portions of Mohamedou Ould Slahi's 'Guantanamo Diary,' the detention facility won't even allow Slahi to read the book.
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How Guantanamo Became America’s Interrogation 'Battle Lab'

In addition to being a detention facility, Guantanamo was set up as a place to experiment with interrogation techniques and test 'the limits of the human spirit,' a new report finds.
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The VICE Podcast - Errol Morris on His New Movie, 'The Unknown Known'

This week, Reihan Salam sits down with filmmaker Errol Morris to discuss his latest film, The Unknown Known, a portrait of one of the leading architects of the Iraq War—Donald Rumsfeld.
Reihan Salam

A Sneak Peek of Errol Morris's New Documentary on Donald Rumsfeld

Here is a clip from Errol Morris's documentary The Unknown Known, which explores how the ideas, fears, and certainties of Donald Rumsfeld, written out on paper, transformed America, changed the course of history, and led to war.
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