Egyptian revolution


'The City Always Wins' Goes Inside the Front Lines of the Egyptian Revolution

Read an excerpt from Omar Robert Hamilton’s gripping novel about the Tahrir Square uprising.


Egypt Cracks Down Hard to Prevent Protests on Anniversary of 2011 Revolution

Egyptian security forces have conducted raids, clamped down on social media, and blocked roads to Tahrir Square ahead of the fifth anniversary of the revolution on January 25.


The Cairo Chef Who Helped Feed a Revolution

In a tiny alley in downtown Cairo sits Fas'hat Somaya, a small restaurant that's open a mere three hours a day. You'd never guess that its chef honed her skills by cooking for protesters on the front lines of the Egyptian Revolution.


Egyptians Are Protesting the Rising Price of Meat Using Social Media

Formed to “fight price increases and exploitation,” the movement is hoping to drive prices down by bringing attention to the problem.


The Irreparable Loss of Cairo's Street Café District

In the last four years, the Cairo café district known as el-Borsa has been raided by the police for its role in fostering a revolution, as well as its reputation for attracting drug dealers, sex workers, and gay men. In March, it was shut down for good.


Egypt Sentences Former President Mohammed Morsi and More Than 100 Others to Death

The Muslim Brotherhood leader received the death penalty for his alleged role in mass jailbreaks that were part of the 2011 uprising against longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak.


Meet the Middle East's First All-Female Photo Collective

VICE talks to Laura Boushnak and Myriam Abdelaziz of Rawiya, a collective of female Middle Eastern photographers who are now showing in the UK at Impressions Gallery in Bradford.


The Middle East’s First All-Female Photo Collective Makes Some Incredible Images

We talked to two photographers from the Rawiya collective about Western misconceptions and the challenges of working as a female photographer in Egypt and elsewhere.


The Revolutionary, No-Bullshit Art of Ganzeer

The 32-year-old Egyptian artist's first New York solo show takes on police brutality and the crimes committed by the American government.


Egypt Marks Anniversary of 2011 Uprising With Deadly Clashes Between Protesters and Police

At least 15 people — including a 10-year-old boy — were killed during anti-government protests on the anniversary of the first day of the 2011 Egyptian revolution.


Outrage in Egypt After Judge Clears Ex-President Mubarak of Murder Charges

A judge used a technicality to drop charges against former president Hosni Mubarak for the murders of hundreds of protesters killed during the country's 2011 revolution.


Inside the 1,000-Year-Old Gardens of Egypt

In a remote part of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, ancient gardens once tended by Bedouin tribes have fallen into disrepair. But after the 2011 revolution tanked the tourist economy, the tribesmen here have begun to return, providing a glimpse of a more...