Egyptian revolution

The Restless Youth Issue

'The City Always Wins' Goes Inside the Front Lines of the Egyptian Revolution

Read an excerpt from Omar Robert Hamilton’s gripping novel about the Tahrir Square uprising.
Omar Robert Hamilton

Meet the Middle East's First All-Female Photo Collective

VICE talks to Laura Boushnak and Myriam Abdelaziz of Rawiya, a collective of female Middle Eastern photographers who are now showing in the UK at Impressions Gallery in Bradford.
Rachel Segal Hamilton at VICE

The Middle East’s First All-Female Photo Collective Makes Some Incredible Images

We talked to two photographers from the Rawiya collective about Western misconceptions and the challenges of working as a female photographer in Egypt and elsewhere.
Rachel Segal Hamilton

The Revolutionary, No-Bullshit Art of Ganzeer

The 32-year-old Egyptian artist's first New York solo show takes on police brutality and the crimes committed by the American government.
Molly Crabapple

The New Sound of Egyptian Wedding Rave Is Coming to London

Born from working-class Egyptian DJs, electro chaabi—a combination of electronic beats, traditional chaabi music, and revolutionary undertones—blows most new music out of the water.
John Doran

Will Egypt's Mass Death Sentence of 529 Muslim Brotherhood Members Provoke More Violence?

If Mohammed Badie is sentenced to death—and even if that sentence is ultimately commuted—it's likely that the response from Brotherhood members won't be nearly as restrained as it has been in the past.
Tom Dale

Khalid Abdalla Has His Eye on Egypt

I interviewed one of the stars of <i>The Square</i> at his apartment in Cairo. Outside, bomb blasts had just killed six people. The city was nearly deserted, save for small groups of pro-government demonstrators. Helicopters thumped low overhead.
Jared Malsin

Students Are Still Dying in Egypt

After the country’s bloodiest summer, the trail of bodies is reinforcing one of the mainstays of the Mubarak era: unexplained deaths, denials by authorities.
Tom Rollins

Egyptian Police Are Accusing Students as Islamists and Killing Them

Mohamed Reda died ten days ago. Most people are in no doubt about who killed Mohamed Reda. And now students have become a leading force in opposing the government to take accountability.
Tom Rollins

Egypt's Mohamed Mahmoud Anniversary Protests Were Pretty Surreal

Hundreds gathered in Cairo Tuesday to pay tribute to protesters killed by riot police during a crackdown on the Egyptian revolution two years ago.
Adam Ramsey
Adam Ramsey

The Dying Art of Belly Dancing in Conservative Egypt

“Nobody [in Egypt] sees this as an acceptable profession. It’s degrading for them. They go into it for the same reasons as a woman in the US goes into prostitution,” said Luna, an American dancer and Harvard graduate who originally moved to Cairo to...
Peter Schwartzstein

Death, Peace, Power, or Jihad: What Is the Future of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood?

After last Monday's verdict from the Cairo Court for Urgent Matters, the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood is set to face a future that mirrors the majority of its past: once again becoming an illegal organization.
Adam Ramsay