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RIP Joan Rivers

If there’s a lesson to learn from Rivers' life in this age of basic bitches and thinkpieces, it’s to fuck decorum and stay lowbrow.
Mitchell Sunderland
The Fashion Issue 2013

Herb Ritter

Photos by Ben Ritter and styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos.
Ben Ritter
The Fashion Issue 2013

The Great Lost Expedition Brand

In 1903, during an Arctic mineral-hunting expedition, an geologist by the name of Ben Willis discovered that most clothing doesn’t hold up in 100 mph winds and -60 °F temperatures. Ben returned to New York and started designing garments that could...
John Martin
The Fashion Issue 2013

Because the Night

Featuring Jamie Bochert. Photos by Samantha Rapp and styling by Cristian Stroble.
Samantha Rapp
The Fashion Issue 2013

Colts and Fillies

Photos and styling by Olivia Bee.
Olivia Bee
The Fashion Issue 2013

Is Facebook Getting Away with Selling Counterfeit Crap?

The ads on Facebook’s sidebar make it easier than ever before to buy clothes, handbags, and jewelry. Unfortunately, some say they also make it easier to sell knockoffs of name-brand products, even though Facebook officially bans ads for phony...
Luke Winkie
The Fashion Issue 2013

Why Not Rent Your Head to Advertisers?

We’re not sure if Andrew Lardinois was inspired by his mallrat days or came up with the idea of making extra cash by shaving the logos of local businesses into his hair all by himself. So far, he’s served as a walking commercial for a liquor store, a...
River Donaghey

VICE Presents The Fashion Issue Launch

A little while ago we pledged to throw a party every month. It made perfect sense to shack up in one of our favourite venues, The Liberty Social. But just to keep you on your pretty little toes we’re moving to the Tote
Hannah Brooks
The Fashion Issue 2013

Johnny Marr Takes Music and Fashion Seriously

Music and fashion go together like pedophiles and children. It’s always been an uneasy, somewhat forced relationship that results from perversion and mental illness. Johnny Marr is one of the few musicians who got it right.
Kelly McClure
The Fashion Issue 2013

The World's American Dream

For this American-themed Fashion Issue we thought it would be interesting to ask our international offices to get in touch with their countries’ most influential designers and fashion icons to see what they thought of our country’s fashion sense.
VICE Staff
The Fashion Issue 2013

Denim All Day

Photos by Richmond Lam and styling by Olivia Whittick.
Richmond Lam and Olivia Whittick